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The PSP is a gem when it comes to portable media players. Of course it's a game device but you really do get your money's worth with the other stuff it does. I've compiled some freeware programs to get the most out of your PSP.


Want to read eBooks on the go? Perhaps you want to read that latest magazine or journal article on the road without printing it out. PDF 2 PSP might be what you're looking for. While not giving direct PDF support to PSP, it can convert PDF files to JPEG so you can view them on your PSP's photo viewer. It works, as advertised, which is surprising since a lot of so called PSP utilities don't. The program uses a simple GUI in which you select your PDF file and its output location. You simply hit convert and it does the rest. It also lets you adjust the size, quality, and orientation of the final image. The program formats the PDF file for optimum viewing on the PSP once converted to JPEG. It places all image files into a folder, one file per page. I tried it with a couple journal articles and an eBook and I was pleased with the results. This is a must for students.
PDF 2 PSP is only available for Mac OS X. It's a universal binary so it works with both PowerPC and Intel based Macs.

PSP Video 9
Developed by Red Kawa, PSP Video 9 allows you to convert movies easily to MPEG-4 AVC format for playback on your PSP. Unlike many so called PSP video converters, it can encode to the PSP's native 480x272 resolution and 16:9 aspect ratio. Using the program is strait forward. Select an MPEG2 file for input and then it directs you to video settings. Sliders let you select aspect ratio, video quality, sound quality, etc. It tells you how much space the final video will use. Bars show video quality and encoding speed. Hit convert and it does the rest. A more advanced mode allows power users to manually adjust settings rather than using the sliders.
When the video is recorded, you can ask the program to upload it for you to your PSP via USB through Video 9's own media manager. PSP Video 9 is probably the best video converting program for PSP out there, including both commercial and freeware. PSP Video 9 runs on Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

RSS Streaming Tools
I already mentioned this little program a while ago but it's worth another look. Although it's in the alpha stage, it's still pretty complete. The program allows you to use your PC as a media server for your PSP, rather than a Playstation 3. It exploit's the PSP's RSS 2.0 capability. RSS 2.o allows streaming of music and video, unlike RSS which is just text. RSS Streaming Tools allows you to stream and transfer (wirelessly, without a USB connection) music from your PC onto your PSP. It can also stream online radio via Shoutcast from your PSP. I've tested both these features and they work great. RST can also live stream content from your computer's audio inputs allowing you to listen to FM radio or your stereo system through your PSP, or any audio your PC is currently playing. It does this through the popular open source VLC media player and Microsoft's Direct Show. If that wasn't enough, RST can also stream YouTube content, just like the iPhone.
Right now, RSS Streaming Tools is in the alpha stage, meaning some additional features aren't working yet. The program has a few bugs on the Windows end. There's also no video streaming as of yet, though I expect it to be added if the developer continues the project. Like all media servers, it's best to have the server hardwired rather than wireless for the best performance. RSS Streaming Tools works with Windows 2000, XP, and Vista.

Be sure to check back frequently. I'll post more exciting, useful, freeware PSP utilities as I come across them.

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Can somebody help me with setting up Internet Radio ASX streams for Radio in the UK with RSS Streaming Tools

Posted on 12 November 2007 at 01:34  

As far as I know, RSS Streaming Tools only streams Shout Cast radio stations. You'll have to set up live streaming using RST and VLC media player.

For instructions on how to do this, start the RST server. Right click the server icon in the Windows task bar and select "Help" from the drop down menu. Select "How To" in the help file and then click "...Stream Live Content". It explains how to set it up using the VLC player. Once your done, RST will stream any audio your computer is playing through it's sound output (aka the speaker port) to your PSP's RSS2.0. Just run your play your station and enjoy.

Posted on 12 November 2007 at 22:51