Yet Another PS3 Add-On

By Mike on 10:27 pm

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What is Sony doing exactly with the PS3? Seems like they're trying to make it into an all in one media center. SCE Europe is releasing a device that will allow your PS3 to function as a DVR. The device will use an interface similar to Windows Media Center. It will be able to record video off your TV where you can play it back later or even stream it to your PSP for mobile viewing.

Dubbed the PlayTV, (a trademark infringement I might add since PixleView's line of PC TV tuners bare the same name) the device is a separate box that attaches to your PS3, via USB presumably. There is no word if something like this will ever be integrated into the PS3 itself. So basically it's a separate device that connects to your media center that enables you to record TV shows, similar to say, a VCR. Will such a device catch on? Well, it depends on how well it works and what video formats/resolutions it can record to. For now, it seems to be for digital TV and for free to air broadcasts only, of which there are few in North America. It will be available in select European countries in 2008. Games hinted that they didn't know if it would work with smart card enabled cable and satellite boxes. I think I can safely say it will since I've used my PC to record shows off my satellite on numerous occasions.
I would like to know what connections the device has. Is it cable ready? Will it record HD shows in HD? Only time will tell. All I can say is I hope Sony gets their ass in gear and gets these out in North America. I'm dying to get that PSP TV tuner that's coming out in Japan.

Eurogamer has the story.

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