PS3 vs Xbox 360: Quality Wars

By Mike on 6:05 pm

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Console wars. Which is better. Better graphics, better games, better features. What about build quality? I would argue that this is the most important factor when buying a console or any item for that matter. How well built is it and how long will it last. It seems when it comes to build quality, the Playstation 3 is winning this fight.

The People at PS3 Vault have put the Playstation 3 through a torture test. Three tests, 108 hours strait each. Once in a regular living room at 22.7c. Next in a freezer at ambient temperatures between 4c and -18c. Finally in a humid sauna at temperatures between between 37c and 48c. In the living room, no problems were reported. No problems with the freezer either. A slight burning smell was noted in the sauna but the console was physically fine. The test was done using a mix of games and bluray movies in a regular pattern.

PS3 Vault: How to Kill a PS3

Mind you, PS3 Vault has a strong bias in favour of the Playstation 3. Still, I think we could safely say that Microsoft's Xbox 360 would not stand up to that punishment. As I said in my review of the Xbox 360, it's a typical Microsoft product. It does what you want it to do, when it feels like it doing it. That said, I've had mixed experience with Sony in the past. Back in the late 80s, out Sony TV was constantly in the shop. Our Sony VHS in the early 90s didn't last long either before the plastic gears wore down. Oddly enough, our longest lasting Sony product is our Betamax. It was used quite a bit back in the day and at over 20 years old, it still works like a charm. Not that it gets used much anymore. Of course, it was built like a tank. (it's sheer weight is a testament, it weighs a ton) Seems the PS3 is too.

As for the Wii, well, it's a typical Nintendo product that's made in Japan. Sturdy and will last for years like most Japanese products these days. The Xbox 360 is made in China and like most Chinese products, it's loaded with garbage parts. I assume the PS3 is made in China as well. Foxconn is supposedly the OEM for all three next generation TV top consoles. That is, they make their motherboards. Most of the parts are made in China too, such as the 360's processors.

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You said that the Wii was made in Japan which is false but then you said it was made in China. Make up your mind lol.

Posted on 23 February 2011 at 22:03