360 Sees $100 Price Cut in Canada

By Mike on 11:14 pm

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Microsoft's Xbox 360 has had its price cut by $100. That means the Core now sells for $299 and the Premium at $399. The Elite dropped $50 to $499.

Also in the news, there's word that Microsoft will be adding the digital HDMI port to the Premium version and maybe the Core version as well. This gives the 360 true digital connectivity at last. Not that big a deal really but good news for those who like digital setups. The addition of the port on the Core and Premium sort of makes the Elite pointless. It offers a 120gb HDD to the Premium's 20gb. Unless you intend to use the 360 as a dedicated media server, the Premium is still the best way to go.

Just because the price has dropped, doesn't mean you should run out and buy a 360 if you don't already have one. The 65nm cores for the 360 are coming in only a couple of months. Just don't do something foolish like freezing yourself in the mountains until then. You might wake up in 2546.

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